Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lyric's Second Birthday

Oh, My Sweet Baby Girl,

Happy Birthday My Love.

I can't believe that it has already been two years. It feels like just yesterday, when I was anxiously awaiting for your arrival into the world. You could not get here fast enough. But when you finally made your debut, I could not be happier. I was so in love. I didn't know what love really was until I had you in my arms. I was on cloud nine. 

What an amazing adventure it has been. I was so afraid and scared that I was not going to be a good mother to you. I hope that I have done an okay of a job and that I make you glad to call me your mommy.

I have watched you go from a teeny, tiny, needy newborn. To an independent, determined, self-assured little girl who has her mind made up about almost everything.

In two short years you have taught me so much. Although, I thought that it was supposed to be your daddy and mommy's job to teach you.

I can already see traces of the woman that you are going to one day grow up to be. You are going to be a great mommy. And a great sister to your baby brother.

When I was a little girl and growing up,I imagined the little girl that I would one day have. You aren't anything at all that I imagined. Not even close. You are so much better, and amazing than I could have ever dreamed of. Sometimes when I look at your sweet face, I end up teary eyed. Because of just how lucky I am to be your mommy and have you in my life. 

I hope that I can always help to guide you in the right direction. I hope that I allow you enough freedom to make your own decisions. 

I have loved every single second of watching you learn and explore and grow. You are turning from a baby to a child far to quickly. Way to quickly. And boy, do I not like it. I hate it. I do, I hate it!

I would love to keep you exactly the way you are at this moment, forever. But I can't. I know that I can't. But, what I can do is to cherish every second that I have with you. Savor your high pitched giggles, your waking up every morning calling for "daddy" or for "mommy."

I have no doubts that you will conquer every obstacle in your future. You are wonderful. You are amazing. You are worthy. You are gorgeous. You are Loving. You are You. And your mommy loves you!

I love you forever.


November 25, 2012