Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Want To Know #26


1. What is the worst job you have ever had?
I have loved all my jobs. I haven't hated any of them yet.
2. Have you ever been fired?
No, not really. While I was a receptionist at a nursing home they decided to take my part time job and give it to the full time lady  and make it so there was only one receptionist all day. 
3. What would your dream job be?
My dream job would be to be a teacher. And I am currently working on my Early Childhood Education Associates Degree.
4. What did you want to be when you "grew up"?
I wanted to be either a teacher, a doctor, a brain surgeon, or a pilot. 
5. How old were you when you got your first job?
I was 16. I started out as a volunteer at the nursing home that my mom worked at as a nurse. I helped out in the activities department and then shortly after, I got hired as an activity assistant. I then later got hired at the same place as a part time receptionist. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Happy List #9

The last eight months I have been counting down the days until I got to go home. And it has finally come! In less than 12 hours I will be getting on an airplane and headed back home to Idaho! 

I am looking forward to:

Lunch with my good friend Tylyn and maybe her hubby Adam?

Spending time with my God-Parents.

Spending time with Chris' parents. 

Spending time with my momma' and my younger brothers and sisters.

Celebrating Lyric's first birthday with great family!

Getting Lyric Baptized!

Hopefully meeting up with old friends.

2 on Tuesday #12 Christmas Traditions

What are your Christmas traditions?

While I was growing up me and my younger siblings always got to open one Christmas gift on Christmas Eve from my Grama and my Popa. And it was always a new pair of pajamas. And after we open the pajamas we almost always went into the bedroom and change into our jammies. And then we would wear them home that evening. 

Traditions that I hope to start with my family...

Get Lyric's pictures taken with Santa.
Listen to Christmas music.
Go look at Christmas lights.
Bake cookies/candies/brownies.
Decorate a Gingerbread House.
Watch Christmas movies.
Buy pajamas for every member of our family and open on Christmas Eve.
Display a Nativity Scene.
Make treats for Santa.
Make a Christmas breakfast on Christmas morning.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

7 Deadly Sins of Creativity - Marc and Angel Hack Life

The 7 Deadly Sins of Creativity
Creativity is not just for artists and poets.  Everybody has the potential to exercise their creative mind – to innovate new ways of accomplishing things that will ultimately make life easier and more gratifying.  Creativity magnifies the effectiveness of our natural talents, generating elevated levels of success and happiness by helping us discover more efficient ways to do what we love to do.
Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
Acts of creativity can be found in every facet of life.  We are surrounded by the byproducts of creative ideas both big and small.  And the small acts of creativity are no less important than the big ones.  In fact, the more creative you are with the small things in your life, the more creative you will likely be with the big things.
Now, it’s to be expected that there will be ups and downs in our levels of creativity.  Some days we’ll be full of new ideas, and other days our brains will feel a bit dull.  Although this phenomenon is natural, oftentimes our poor personal choices perpetuate our inability to think creatively, and we end up having more dull days than creative ones.  The vast majority of these poor choices fall into one of seven categories.  I call them the seven deadly sins of creativity.

1.  Lack of knowledge and attention.

Knowledge and attention are absolute necessities.  Creative thinking cannot be productively applied until a certain level of knowledge is gathered about the current situation or problem at hand.  Thus, creativity actually relies on both sides of the brain, the creative right side and the logical left side.
The first steps the brain takes when tackling a creative venture are actually governed by logic, not creativity.  This is because most creative breakthroughs rest on the shoulders of everything that came before it.  The logical left side of your brain analyzes the situation and all the known facts, defines the problem that must be solved and then hands the data over to the creative right side of your brain.  In other words, once a creative challenge has been realized, you must first rely on your logic and absorb yourself in what is already known.  Without this logical review process, creativity will drown in misdirection.

2.  Lack of passion and enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is the lifeblood of creativity.  Creativity blossoms when you are passionate and enthusiastic about what you are doing.  It’s extremely difficult to pioneer creative solutions for things you have absolutely no interest in.  When your mind is stimulated by curiosity and a fundamental interest in the subject matter, your creativity and motivation will automatically accelerate.  (Read The War of Art.)

3.  Doing exactly what you’ve always done.

There’s a saying that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.  Sure, this will minimize surprises and mistakes, but it will also crush your creative edge.
We are all a product of our past experience, but we must step outside of our comfort zone and attempt unfamiliar activities if we hope to achieve breakthroughs in our future.  The foundation of practical creativity is simply trying new things to see what works and what doesn’t.

4.  Fear of failure.

Most creative ventures step into the unknown, slowly taking you in a direction you haven’t gone before.  Any journey into uncharted territory holds a certain level of inherent risk.  Many people are scared to accept this risk, which in effect squashes all their creative ideas before they have a chance to develop them.
If you hope to exercise your creativity, you must get over your fear of failure.  Confidence and passion together provide the solution.  If you have confidence in yourself and passion for your ideas, you will be far more willing to accept calculated risks, take creative chances and thwart off the other stress factors attempting to restrain your creative edge.  Because at the end of the day, you know that every success has a trail of failures behind it, and every failure is leading towards success.

5.  Never pausing for a break.

Where are you when your most creative ideas come to you?  I’m guessing it’s not when you’re sitting at your desk working, or consciously trying to think creatively.  Rather, it’s when you’ve given the logical side of your brain a rest and you’re doing something else, like taking a stroll outside.
The biggest bursts of creativity often come when you walk away from the problem for awhile.  This gives your mind a chance to mull over the information, often subconsciously, and look at things from a renewed perspective.  Exercise can be a great way to shift away from your logical thought process and into the creative depths of your mind in order to access new ideas and solutions.  After working for a couple hours straight, usually the best way to jog your creativity is to literally take a jog.  (Read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.)

6.  Never testing the impact of your creative output.

As silly as it sounds, some of the most creative ideas and inventions never make it into the public eye simply because their creator doesn’t realize the significance and impact of what he or she has produced.  This is another perfect example of how creativity actually relies on both sides of the brain, the creative right and the logical left.  Once your creative mind drives you to create something, your logical mind must test, verify and validate it.
In other words, there’s more to the creative process than simply having an idea and executing it once behind closed doors.  Most creative ideas that leave an impact on the world are relentlessly tested, reviewed by third parties, and sometimes modified and tested again.  Scientists do this in a laboratory with other scientists.  Painters do it by painting and then displaying their art in a gallery.  Bloggers do it by translating their thoughts into stories and articles, and publishing them online.

7.  Confining yourself to boundaries others set up.

No matter how creative you are or much progress you make with your ideas, there will always be negative people who insist that whatever you’re trying to do is impossible.  Or they may suggest that your creative ideas are impractical and ridiculous because nobody really cares, even though they have no basis for these claims.  When you come across these people, don’t try to reason with them.  Instead, forget that they exist.  They will only drain you of your creativity and waste your time.
And unfortunately, sometimes the people who care for you most might also interfere with your creativity.  They’ll see you venturing into uncharted territory and they’ll try to quickly steer you back to familiar ground.  They’re doing this to protect you – to shield you from the possibility of failure.  But in effect what they’re also doing is shielding you from the possibility of bringing your big ideas to life.
When it comes to exercising your creativity, you must try what you want to try, go where you want to go, and follow your own intuition.  Don’t accept false choices.  Don’t let others put a cage around your ideas.  (Read The Artist’s Way.)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Lyric's First Birthday

My Baby Girl,

Today, is your very first birthday. And I fall in love with you deeper and deeper each and every day.

I remember so clearly meeting you for the very first time, which was one year ago today. The doctor pulled you out, said that you were a girl and a few short minutes later you were laying on my chest in my arms. You were the most beautiful, precious, little thing that I had ever laid eyes on! You cried and although I wanted to cry, I wouldn't. You cried and I said, "Hi, Lyric." You looked up at me and into my eyes and just looked at me. It was the most wonderful moment of my entire life! And in that moment, I knew that I was your mother and you were my daughter and that you would change my life forever...

And now, a year has passed since that amazing day. And in this incredibly fast paced year, I saw your very first smile, heard your first giggles, and cried when you rolled over for the very first time. I cheered for you when you first tried to crawl and smiled when you finally decided that you wanted to sit up like all the other little girls that were at the photo shoot with you when you just wanted to crawl when they were all sitting. I cheered and I cried when you first stood up on those chubby little legs of yours and tried to take your first wobbly steps. I did all of this because I was and am so proud and amazed at how far you have come this past year.

You came into this world, weighing, 7 pounds and 9 ounces and 20 and a quarter inches long. Such a tiny, little baby. So pink and soft, so innocent and pure, dependent and perfect in every possible way. And now, your a little girl... 21 pounds 6 ounces. You laugh, you talk, you walk. Making everyone smile who is lucky enough to meet you. You are one year old today, but beginning a journey. A journey that will take you in many different directions and will teach you many different things. As I watch you walking ever so cautiously, I think of the woman I hope that you will one day become. I will do anything and everything under the sun to be a good mother to you and help guide you in your journey childhood and into adulthood. 

You have developed into such an amazing little person already. You are the sweetest and most loving child I have ever met. You are kind, gentle-hearted and oh so smart. I know in my heart there are big things ahead of you. You have made this world a better place by being in it and I feel so honored to have been chosen to be your mother. 

You melt my heart every time you smile, and when you lay your head in my lap after playing so hard. Never in my life have I been so excited to wake up... It's because I get to wake up to you. You always wake up in such a great mood and happy and talking. I look forward to when you wake up and seeing your precious, smiling face and am excited for what the day might hold for the two of us.

I know that this last year being at home with you has been the greatest gift that I could ever ask for. This year has been an amazing journey. It has been the most rewarding, incredible, special time in my whole life. I will cherish the experience of your first year of life in a special way, and will treasure it always in my heart. 

Words cannot express how much I love you, my princess, my precious baby girl. You are my sunshine, my heart, my purpose for being - my everything. I'm so very proud of you and honored to be your momma. This last year has been filled with priceless memories and I look forward to so many more to come. 


November 25th, 2011

2 on Tuesday #11 Thankful for Blogging

Why am I thankful for Blogging?

I am thankful for blogging because it is one way that my family back home can see how me, Chris, and Lyric are doing and what is going on in our lives. Even if I am not that great at keeping my blog updated. It has been hard trying to keep up as we moved and just got our internet up and running.

I am also thankful for blogging because I have met some amazing people. And inspiring people. And through these people I have found some amazing projects that I am going to attempt to make in the near future.

Fill In Blank Friday #23

1.   Waking up at the break of dawn to go shopping is my idea of  a holiday tradition, that I will one day experience myself.

2.   If I were to go shopping today I would be on the hunt for a camera since my camera broke a few months ago  .

3.  The best thing I ate yesterday was  turkey stuffing! It is always one of my favorite side dishes. I prefer the sides and the stuffing to turkey/chicken almost any day .

4. Something I've been learning lately is  that time flies by! I can't believe that my baby girl is one year old today. It feels like yesterday when I gave birth to her and held her in my arms for the first time .

5.  I cannot start my day without  hearing Lyric talking to herself when she first wakes up in the morning.

6.  My nighttime attire consists of  a tank top and boxer shorts.

7.  I am looking forward to  Wednesday! I get to go home for 16 days! And I get to see my family and Chris' family. Although, I really am going to miss Chris and wish that the Marines would have let him come home with me.

Five Question Friday #23

1. Is there a special dish you prepare that you are famous for?
When I was younger I remember going to my God Mothers house for quite a few Thanksgivings and she would make Punch Bowl Cake. And boy did I fall in love with that Punch Bowl Cake. I have heard stories about when I was younger, getting up in the middle of the night and raiding the refrigerator for the left over Punch Bowl Cake. 

Well, I have started to make that dish/dessert for a few Thanksgivings and Christmas'. Although, I didn't get to make it this year as it was my first year having a turkey dinner with my own family. And boy, did my turkey turn out great! It was delicious and moist. I could hardly believe it!

2. Are you (did you) go Black Friday shopping ?
No, we did not go Black Friday shopping. Although, I will go Black Friday shopping one year!

3. What are your strangest holiday traditions?
We haven't got any holiday traditions yet. Seeing as this last year has been our first year together as a family. But we will end up with some eventually.

4. Pecan or pumpkin pie? (She actually asked "Apple or pumpkin?" I just T-giving'edit!)
Pumpkin! I love Pumpkin Pie! Especially Costco's Pumpkin Pie!

5. When will you put up your Christmas tree?
Hopefully when me and Lyric come home from Idaho we will go out and find/buy a Christmas tree and decorate the house.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Want To Know #25


1. What is your favorite food item at Thanksgiving dinner?
My favorite food item at Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey stuffing. I absolutely love my grama's turkey stuffing. She stuffs the bird with the stuffing and I just think that it is the best. Much better than the traditional stove top.
2. What is your least favorite?
My least favorite food item at Thanksgiving dinner is probably the turkey. I'm not much of a turkey eater. One piece is good enough for me.
3. Do you have a favorite pie?
My favorite pie is pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top. Or any Marie Calender's pies.
4. Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?
While I was growing up we would go to my grama's house. She would make the whole Thanksgiving dinner and we would eat around two in the afternoon. 
Soon, Chris, Lyric, and I will have our own traditions. Can't wait to make them!
5. Black Friday shopping? Do you participate in the delightful running through the stores in the wee hours of the morning madness or hibernate at home and shop online?
I've never gone Black Friday shopping. But, I would love to!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Happy List #8


I am going home! I get to go home next Wednesday! I have been counting down the days for the last eight months! And every week when I link up with My Happy List I realize that it is that one day closer to the day I leave!

Lyric turns one year old this week! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. It feels like yesterday when I gave birth to her and held her in my arms for the first time. 

Chris has the rest of the week off! So, I get to spend one long weekend with him and he gets to spend one long weekend with Lyric before we leave next week. Yeay! Much needed together time!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Question Friday #22

1. Do you have a go to song that always puts you in a good mood?
No, I do not have a go to song that always puts me in a good mood. I do have songs that make me feel good, but do they always put me in a good mood? Not always. :(

2. Are you a real Christmas tree kinda person or do you go with a real fake one?
I think this year as it is our 'real' first Christmas together. Me, Chris and Lyric. I think that we are going to attempt to get a real Christmas tree and decorate it. We don't really have the storage to store a real fake Christmas tree. And to be truthful I have always wanted to do real Christmas trees. 

3. What are you thankful for?
I am thankful for so many things. I am thankful that I have a healthy and happy baby girl. I am thankful to have a loving and supportive family back home. I am thankful to have the loving and supportive in-laws. I am thankful to have a wonderful husband who loves me for me including my flaws. 

4. Which fashion fad from the past do you wish you could wear today?
I wish that I could wear leggings and the long shirts. But I do not feel comfortable in them. I wish to that I could wear the fluffy, fuzzy boots with leggings and sweaters, but again, I don't feel comfortable in them.

5. Do you wait until the "low fuel" light comes on before you fill up the gas tank?
Usually we will fill the gas tank when the gas gauge gets to 1/4 of a tank.

Fill In Blank Friday #22

1.   A nervous habit I have is biting my nails. I have done it for as long as I can remember and it doesn't matter how hard I try to stop I can't.

2.   Something that makes me sad is the way people talk about one another behind each others backs.

3.  Today I am thankful for my doggie, my wonderful daughter whom always wakes up in the morning and from naps happy, and my loving hubby.

4. My favorite room in my house is my daughters room and the living room will also probably be one of my favorite rooms once we get it finished.

5.  I can't stand  inconsiderate/crappy drivers. Since I have moved to Virginia I have noticed that the drivers here are worse that some of the drivers we have back home in Idaho.

6.  If I had an extra $100 to spend on whatever I wanted today I would  probably go and get Chris' cellular phone fixed. I dropped it a few months ago and the screen got the 'spiderman' application. And then it broke to the point that it wouldn't work. So, he has been going without a phone because he traded me phones so that I didn't have a broken phone.

7.  The last person I hung out with was  Chris and Bryan. We took Kati's car to the shop and ran an errand to Wal-Mart and then came back to Bryan's and I have been watching them play the new Call Of Duty 3.

We Want To Know #24


{1} Do you have any musical talents?
I can play the flute and the piccolo. I love to play to play them and I don't think that I could ever think about not playing them.
{2} What role, if any, does music play in your life?
Music plays a huge role in my life. I don't know what I would do without my music. 
{3} What is your all time favorite song?
I have too many favorite songs! I couldn't just pick one.
{4} Do you sing in the shower?
Nope. And I don't think that I ever have.
{5} Has a song ever made you cry?
Yes, there have been songs that made me cry. 

We Want To Know #23


{1} What is your "can't go without it" beauty product/cosmetic?
Mascara and Eye Liner. I can go without everything else, but when I do put make up on and end up to be in a hurry, I will just put on eye liner and mascara. The rest I can go without.
{2} Do you apply make-up before or after doing your hair?
It all depends. Depends on what is going on.
{3} How would you describe your personal style?
Comfortable. Jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes I will kinda dress up. But I make sure that I am comfortable in what I wear.
{4} How long does it take you to get ready each day?
Not very long at all, because as soon as Chris leaves for work I am getting up because Lyric is getting up and wants to play and then eat and then play and then take a nap. I usually don't really get dressed and everything until she goes down for her early afternoon nap.
{5} What is your one pamper, just for you, beauty splurge?
I don't really have a beauty splurge. I like my lotions, bubble baths, and bath salts.

2 on Tuesday #10 Pet Peeves

What are your pet peeves?

With Chris it is when he takes his clothes off of the hangers and leaves the empty hangers hanging in the closet. I would like them to be put in the hanger basket that we have in our closet.

Not having a made up bed when me and Chris are going to bed. If it isn't made when we are getting ready for bed, I will make it before we get into the bed and then we will get into the bed. It's just me.

I think that these are pet peeves? Haha.

2 on Tuesday #9 Christmas Wish List

What’s your Christmas wish list? What do you hope to receive from Santa?

 A DSLR camera

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

A red cast iron skillet

A red dutch oven

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Give-A-Way!

Another blog that I follow is doing a GREAT give-a-way!

She is giving away a set of prints of her "Promises."

If you get a chance you should head over to... To Love A Soldier. And read her post 'Promises'. It is truely inspiring.

I am currently posting from my phone and not sure how to do everything and can't remember her url off the top of my mind.

I also hope that this shows up well.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

MilSpouse Fill-In #22

  1. Freedom is too often taken for granted I believe .
  2. Veterans are not always remembered by majority except on major holidays .
  3. This country is a great country that gives one person many opportunities .
  4. Veteran’s Day means thank those men and women who have served to keep our country free and safe from harm .
  5. A hero is one who puts their safety on the line for our safety .