Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week 24: Overcoming Challenges

Week 24: Overcoming Challenges
I think that I have faced/overcome a few challenges in my life.
When thinking about challenges that I have overcome, there are two that come to mind...
1. In 8th grade I had a friend pass away due to playing the "Pass Out Game."
2. Getting sick in 9th grade with Mononucleosis, missing most of the school year, resulting in repeating the 9th grade in another school district.
I don't remember much from the tragedy from 8th grade. I remember that I got depressed and went on anti-depressants and saw a psychologist. I only remember only bits and pieces from this major event, as I have tried very hard to put it out of my head and forget a lot of it. It was such a hard time for me and I didn't want to relive/remember it everyday like I was doing for so long.
I got sick early in the year of my Freshman year with Mononucleosis. I'm not sure how I got it, but I did. And it made me really sick. They say you can only get sick with Mono once, but I ended up getting sick with it 3-5 times during the school year, which had the doctors baffled. We moved shortly after the school year ended and I decided that since we were in a new school district that I was going to redo my 9th grade year. Have a fresh start. It was a very good decision I think. I made new friends and became an almost straight A student again, like I used to be. I made new friends, some that I kept all through High School.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 23: Harboring Emotions

Week 23: Harboring Emotions
Ugh! I know too much about this topic!
I am terrible at harboring my emotions. I am too good at bottling up my emotions.
Only a few people know when I am really okay or when I'm just putting on a smile. So to say...
My emotions can hide out in my stomach where they like to make a mess in the digestion department. Or in my head/brain to the point that I feel that my head is going to blow or to the point that I have a pounding headache. They have been found to hide out in my lower back and my neck or in my legs where they get restless and achy. They've also been found in my heart. Although when they are hiding out there, they don't stay there for very long because then come the streaming of tears and the hyperventilating and an even worse headache.
Although, lately... As I am realizing that the kids are growing up, it's the little things that make me teary eyed and sad but happy at the same time. I can't believe that my little ones are growing up. It feels like just yesterday I brought them home from the hospital. But I have no idea where all that time has gone. It has just flown by, and way too fast!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 22: Something that I Want to Hear

Week 22: Something that I Want to Hear
Something that I want to hear...
I'm not quite sure what I want to hear.
At times I wish to hear...
*that I'm appreciated
*I'm doing a good job
*I'm raising the kiddos well

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week 21: Characters that Remind Me of Me

Week 21: Characters that Remind Me of Me
Hmm... I haven't really thought about this.
I think that Hermione Granger from Harry Potter kind of reminds me of myself because I am one that would rather follow the rules rather than breaking them. More of a goodie-goodie girl. I think that I am a passionate, thoughtful, and sometimes bossy person. I can be irritable and get easily annoyed. I can speak without thinking and am cautious about my surroundings and rules. I love to read and write and enjoy most school subjects.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week 20: Favorite Time of the Year

Week 20: Favorite Time of the Year
My favorite time of the year has probably got to be winter...
I love winters back home. The mountains covered in snow, the houses all decorated with lights and decorations. I love seeing a fresh fallen snow in an untouched field and atop the bare trees. The crystal clear icicles that form on the houses and the trees. I love cuddling in a nice, warm blanket with a good book and snuggling up with those who I love by the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas Tunes all day/night until the day of Christmas. I love the smell of the pine needles around my Grama's house, the smell of her Chex Mix fresh from the oven and her Christmas Eve and Christmas Evening Dinners.
I love the changing of the leaves during fall/autumn. And the changing of the leaves from the softness to the crispiness and then falling to the ground. I remember raking the leaves with my grandparents and then jumping into the pile that we made. I love the smell that comes with fall. You can smell the changing of the leaves and the crispiness of the air. I love the smells of apples, pumpkin pie, and spiced cider, all wonderful smells/gifts of the season. The weather isn't that bad either. Still warm enough that I can go out without a jacket, but not so warm that I am sweating my socks off.
 Spring... The time for the flowers to start to come out of the ground and bloom into their beauty. A time I enjoy laying out on a blanket and watch the clouds.