Sunday, May 22, 2011

A New Start

So, I deleted my previous posts, as I want to start my blog off on a happy start and not just write about the rough patches that I was having before moving here (to Virginia.) Although, I will still write about all the good and the bad. But with starting over I believe that I will continue to write, about the good and the bad.

On another note, I am getting ready to make my own website. It will be in the works for the coming weeks. I am planning on managing a consignment with some of Lyric's old clothing and maybe starting my own "boutique," make a little extra money by doing something that I enjoy while being a "stay-at-home momma."

I must say, that I do enjoy being a stay-at-home momma. And I love my hubby more than anything to let me have the opportunity to stay home with Lyric as she grows. It means the world to me that he lets me do this. I will get to see most if not all of her "firsts" because Chris is letting me do this rather than a working mother who will most likely miss her daughter's "firsts."

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