Thursday, May 30, 2013

MilSpouse Quiz

I saw this cute little quiz over at My Marine and Me, and figured that I would join in. So, without further adieu...

The Milspouse Quiz

1. How did you and your spouse meet? 

I was involved in an organization known as The International Order of Job's Daughters also known as Job's Daughters. And Chris was involved in an organization known as DeMolay International. We were together with our organizations for an installation or something like that. And after the ceremony we went into the dinning room for refreshments and I sat close to Chris. While my youngest sister and her best friend sat right beside him. And they had to turn away from him so that they could eat their cake. Funny thing is, that Chris was trying to get with my middle sister before we got together. 

2. How old were you when you two met? 

I was 18 (almost 19) years old. And Chris was 16 (almost 17) years old. I am a little over two years older than Chris and I think that it bothers him. HaHa!

3. How long have you been together? 

We have been married for almost three years and we have been together a little over three years.

4. Where are you and your spouse originally from? 

I was born in Pocatello, Idaho but raised in Nampa/Boise, Idaho area. And Chris was born and lived most of his childhood in Apple Valley/Los Angeles, California.

5. How did you feel about him joining the military? 

I was scared and afraid. I was full of mixed emotions. But it was something that he wanted to do, so I supported him one hundred percent.

6. Where did your spouse go to Basic Training? 

He went to Boot Camp in San Diego, California and then MCT was in San Diego as well. He then went to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina for MOS school. 

7. Has your spouse ever been deployed? 

No. Thankfully, he is in a non-deployable unit. Is it bad that I love that?

8. Ever been to his promotion ceremony? 

Nope. Not yet.

9. How long have you been a military wife? 

Since I have been married.

10. Did you marry him before or after he joined? 

We got married the day before he left for MCT.

11. How did your husband propose? 

It was the night of my graduation/prom. On our way back to my place we stopped by the Boise Train Depot and were sitting near the pond. And he asked me if I would marry him. Although, we had already agreed to get married when the time was right. 

12. Where did you get married? 

We got married the afternoon before he left for MCT school. We went to the courthouse, just the two of us. We hope that later down the road we can have a ceremony where our family and friends can be there.

13. How old were you two when you got married?

Chris was 18, and I was 20. 

14. Did he wear his uniform on his wedding day? 

No, we both wore casual day clothes. When we have our ceremony for family and friends he will wear his uniform and I will wear a gown. (Hopefully my dream gown)

15. Where are you and your spouse currently stationed? 

We are stationed in Norfolk at the Norfolk Naval Base. And currently, I love it. I love living near the beach. I just hate being so far away from my family and friends back in Idaho.

16. Do you live on base? 

No, we don't. 

17. How long were you married when you had to go through your first separation? 

The only separation that we have had to go through so far is Boot Camp, MCT school, and MOS school. 

18. What is your favorite base so far? 

We have only been stationed at one base so far and that is here in Norfolk. So, so far, this is my favorite base.

19. Do you think your spouse looks good in his uniform? 

Of course! I love it when he has a uniform on. Whether it be his cammies, his Blues, or his Alpha's. He looks good in Uniform. But who doesn't?

20. Do you think military life is more advanced than civilian life? 

21. Do you like the benefits you receive as a military dependent? 

I do. I really do like the health benefits that we get. Although, I either don't or forget to ask whether or not they give military discount. 

22. Do you have a lot of military wife friends? 

Locally I spent a lot of time with a wife of a husband that my husband works with in the shop. That was until things went down hill all of a sudden. There was another wife that I hung out with a bit, we hung out a bit, then didn't. She moved to Florida for a little while, then her and her husband got stationed in North or South Carolina. I'm bummed that we never got to see each other before they moved. 

23. What is the hardest part of the military life? 

Them not having a set schedule. It's hard to plan things in the evening because, I never know when he is going to be home for dinner. It's hard to know whether or not he is going to be home late or early.

24. Do you own military wife stuff? 

Not really "wife" stuff. I have a sweatshirt, and a few sweatpants. I do want a Marine Wife license plate border, sticker, lanyard, and maybe a few more sweatshirts. 

25. Do you support your spouse as a member of the military? 

Of course. I am so proud of him and I will always support him.

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