Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sleeping Babies

Last night we started putting Michael to bed in his crib. 

He hasn't slept in his crib yet at night because he was't sleeping through the night completely.  He was still getting up around 3-4 or earlier to eat.

He has been taking his naps in his crib for the last two weeks. He seems to like it, except that he hates to take a nap in his crib. He prefers to sleep in my arms. And as much as I love to hold my babies, I don't think that he needs to always sleep in my arms. It takes only a few minutes for him to fall asleep in my arms. Once I get him to sleep, and start to move him to his crib he wakes up as I lean over his crib to put him down. It doesn't matter how I go to put him down in his bed, he wakes up every time.

My babies share a room, Lyric (2) and Michael (6 months). Lyric is sleeping in her toddler bed, but once we put up the the crib she was constantly climbing into it every morning when she woke up. So, in order to try to persuade her from climbing into the crib we bought a netting to put over the crib. The netting was very loosely fitting. So, I was only putting him down at nap times, while Lyric napped on the sofa or continued to play. I had to figure a way to make it fit more snugly. So until I did that, I only used it for nap time.

Until last night... I sewed on ribbon onto each corner of the netting and then tied it to the crib. I was hoping that having it fit more snugly that Lyric wouldn't try to get into Michael's crib.

Well, it didn't do it's job. I was awakened this morning at 6 O'Clock to Lyric talking and giggling and then Michael responding. I figured that she was probably standing on the side of the crib looking over it talking to Michael. So, I go in to see what they are doing, and guess what I see?

I see Lyric sitting in the crib right above Michael's head. She figured out how to get into the crib even with the ribbon ties making it more snug than it was before. I take her out of the crib and guess what Michael does? He starts screaming. I think that he liked having his big sister in the crib with him talking to her.

I guess if she is only in the crib in the morning after Michael wakes up, that it is alright. I don't think that she is going to hurt him. And, it's not like she is going to be in there for very long. Because once I hear her and Michael are awake. I will be getting up with them.

This is what I thought I would see when I got up this morning. But, instead she was in his bed.

This was taken this evening when Michael woke up from his nap.

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