Friday, January 6, 2012

Five Question Friday #26

1. What is the weather like where you are and do you like it?
The weather has been cold! Too cold! To the point where we have had to turn on the heater. I was liking the perfect weather we had. But now, I just want the warm weather to come back.

2. When you're sick what do you seek comfort from?
When I am sick, I crave Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I also find comfort in being bundled up in my blanket watching movies with Lyric.

3. What do you need to do before the end of the month?
I don't know what I need to do before the end of the month. But I know what I want to accomplish by the end of the month. I would like to get curtains made and hung up for all the rooms in the house if I can, if not then at least the downstairs. I would also like to get bath rugs or front door and back door rugs made. And start on getting our dinning room table and sofa started. Lots that I want to get done.

4. Have you ever served on a jury?
No, I have not.

5. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
Hmmm... If I could be any animal I would want to be an animal that is graceful, peaceful, smart, and pretty. I think that I would choose to be a feline of some sort. I don't know why I would choose a feline. I guess it is because I love cats!

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