Saturday, January 21, 2012

Five Question Friday #28

1Where do you hide the reeeally good snacks?

I don't have a place that I hide the really good snacks. Not yet, anyways.

2. Do u keep your vehicle clean or am I the only one who has things falling out of their van?

We tend to keep our vehicles pretty clean. At least we try our hardest. Chris is pretty good at keeping the Camry washed. The inside is usually clean, except for the some days old workout clothes that Chris left in the Camry for two-four days. It can get SMELLY!

3. Have you ever been to Vegas?

Yes, I have been to Vegas. Not to gamble or anything. I have caught a few connecting flights from the airport. 

I remember going to Circus Circus while I was in 9th grade after competing in a band competition.

4. Warm room light blankets or cold room warm snuggly blanket?

I like either. 

5. What is the worst airplane/flying experience you've ever had?

I don't remember. All my recent airplane/flying experiences have been really well.

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