Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 Well, I'm off to an okay start. It's the fourth of January and I've only missed one day of my New Year's Resolution. So, in order to keep up I am going to post yesterdays today. 

Me and my baby girl were playing with my down blanket yesterday and I put the blanket over her head to see what she would do. And it was too cute! She stood up with the blanket over her head and walked out from under it. Although, I wasn't able to get the picture of her walking out from under the blanket, I decided to put the blanket on her one more time...

And I got a picture of her pulling the blanket from over her head. 

And this is the face that I get when Lyric doesn't get what she wants. And might I add that boy is she flexible! When she is mad she plops down on the floor and pouts! And then she puts her legs out like they are in this picture and then falls forward and puts her head on the ground. After a few minutes of pouting, she goes about and continues to play. As though, nothing has happened.

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