Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sleeping Baby

New Years Resolution...

One of my resolutions was to take at least one picture of Lyric everyday and to post it and blog about the picture everyday, in the hopes of continuing with my blog. Since all I really blog about any more is the linky parties that I participate in. 

So, here is to day one!

We started our New Year by eating a late breakfast, early lunch. Daddy made us omelets, (which I must add were really good!) and mommy made us toast to go with our omelets. 

If you can't tell, Lyric prefers to eat with her hands. She has both a spork and a spoon. She could have a spoon in one hand and will pick up her food with the other hand, not even using her spoon.  

Mommy came in to check on me and found me like this. I was asleep with my head on Pillow Pet Pooh's head. And I had my bottle in my mouth. If you look closely you can see that I took my blanket off of me before finally going to sleep and tried to toss it over the bed. 

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