Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Popa!

I'm a little late at writing this post. I was hoping to have it finished this morning, but I didn't know what to write. So, I searched the internet and found a few poems/quotes that I liked and am going to use to dedicate to my popa who would have turned 81 years old today. He fought hard to try to make it so that he could meet Lyric, but just couldn't make it. Although, I know that he would be so proud of me and the woman that I have become and the mother that I am to Lyric. 
I love and miss you so much Popa!


A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart
given by God to guard my way and guide my steps.
Grandfathers are for loving and fixing things.
Grandfathers are just antique little boys.
Who needs Santa...I got Grandpa!
You listened to my childish talk,
found time to take me for a walk.
For memories both old and new,
Grandfather, I say, I love you!
You put the "grand" in grandpa!
Gramps is another name for love.
A perfect grandparent; loves them, spoils them...then sends them home.
A grandfather's wisdom and love reach beyond all measure. They are a special treasure!
Grandpa, thanks for teaching me about life and being my friend! 
You're the bestest Grandpa in the whole, wide world!
-Me and Lyric putting down a Poinsettia at my Popa's grave

A Grandfather's Love
I love you dear Grandfather, for all you mean to me,
I think of you each day, as I pray and wonder how you've been.
This day I make especially yours, as I just want to say,
I thank God you're my Grandpa, for all the joy you give away.
Of all the grandfathers in the world, the most special one to find
Is the only one that I can see, because you're truly mine
Thank you for the faith you live and how wonderful you are,
I am guided by your footstep and the love within your heart.
So I send you this card with a love that is sincere, 
No other Grandpa in the world could ever be so dear.
-Soft Whispers for Grandfathers from Derry's Heart Poems 
-Me and Lyric putting down a Poinsettia at my Popa's grave

Remembering My Grandfather
God gave me someone special who would love me for all time, 
My most beloved Grandfather, a treasured friend of mine
His soulful beauty very deep, inside his loving heart,
To cherish me with all his love, even when we are apart.
Blessing me with unseen gifts, of kind and thoughtful words,
Praying for me everyday, with continual concern

And when I have a worry, that I really need to tell,
Listening quietly, then advising, he always does so well.
In all that life would bring, his example's what I view, 
A life of steadfast faith, that God will see us through. 
God chose for me a grandfather, the one He made for me,
I'm glad that you are mine, none more loving could there be.
-Soft Whispers for a Grandfather from Derry's Heart Poems
-We Love You, Popa!

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