Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Five #1

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I'm blessed to have such an amazing baby girl. She is as perfect as could be. She is finally sleeping all through the night, isn't a picky eater, eats what is put in front of her, happy, healthy, perfect!

It's incredible that Lyric is finally sleeping all through the night! If she wakes up she falls right back to sleep. No more needing something half way through the night.

I'm feeling productive because I am finally, once again caught up on all our laundry. I don't know what happened there this last weekend. But I didn't do any of our laundry. So, it got kinda high.

I'm elated that Lyric is sleeping all through the night. If you can't tell... It's a BIG deal to me.

I'm very happy that my father-in-law's knee surgery went well yesterday. 

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  1. Yay for sleeping through the night! Lyric is a beautiful name. Thanks for linkin up!