Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How Could You!?!

How could you!?

You are supposed to be watching the children. 
Not letting them run off.
Not sending them home with someone else.
Someone who is not their parents.
Someone who is not eligible to take them home.
You are supposed to keep an eye on the children at all times!
Never should you turn your back on them.
Especially when they are outside.
It is things like this that makes me scared to enroll Lyric in child care. 
Although, I do plan on enrolling her in child care.
Just not right yet.
In the next few months I think that I am going to.
She needs to get the socialization with other babies/children her age.
And adults.
Plus, I think that it would be healthy for both mommy and Lyric.
I just have to find the right child care...
I am thinking about the CDC that the base has here. 
I just need to get in and find out the wait and everything else.

Here is the link to the news article that got me on this rampage...

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