Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Want To Know #18

{1} If you had an extra hour to do ANYTHING for yourself each day what would you do?
I would probably go out walking. I would take Lyric and Tara and go for a walk!
{2} Are you a morning person or a night owl?
The only reason that I am somewhat of a morning person is because of my daughter. But I think that I am more of a night owl, even though I get up at what seems like the crack of dawn with Lyric.
{3} How much sleep do you get on an average night?
Not enough. If I get eight hours, I am lucky. But I haven't even gotten that lately as Lyric is acting like she is just months old and waking up two maybe three times a night.
{4} When do you find the time to blog/surf the ol' interweb?
When I finally get the chance to sit down or when Lyric is down for her nap I will attempt to get on for a little bit.
{5} What is the ONE thing you're never too busy for?
PLAY WITH LYRIC! I love playing with her. I'll sit in the rocking chair in her bedroom and play with her with her toys while she sits at my feet.


  1. Your dog and baby are adorable!! And I love your daughter's name.