Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jason Aldean!


Sunday Jason Aldean was here in Virginia. And guess who had tickets to go!?
This girl here and her amazing hubby! And Lyric's GodParents.

We got there early. And sat out in the truck for a while listening to music and let Lyric play around in the truck with us all. 
Lyric playing on the dash of the truck. Tried to go farther, but couldn't because of the glass. Boy was she having funn! Can't you just tell with the look on her face?

 Out the back window she goes!
 And away she goes!!!

 I think that she likes to play with her shadow. Wouldn't you say?

 Look at her look at Bryan. We don't have a nickname for him I don't think like we do for Katie. Katie is Momma/Mommy KaKa.

It was an amazing concert! The concert started about 7:30 p.m and didn't end until around 11:30 p.m. The concert started off with Thompson Square.
 They were Great! 

And then Chris Young went on. 

He put on a good show as well. It was the second time that I have seen him in concert since I moved here in March. He came and did a free concert at Langley Air Force Base back a few months ago. 

And then finally Jason Aldean did his show. 
 I hate to say it but his show was better than the Trace Adkins concert that us girls went to last week or the week before.
Only down to the night was that Lyric spit up and it got all over my camera and then after coming home, I was going through my pictures and dropped my camera. And now, it doesn't want to work. I am totally bummed!  

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