Monday, September 26, 2011

A Tour...

How would you like...

A tour of Baby Girl's bedroom?

As you walk in the bedroom from the dining room, this is what you see. The door to the "back yard."

A look at her bed. The Winnie the Pooh blanket is covering the window.

There are Winnie the Pooh blankets on the rails of her bed, one is the one my sister gave me, another is one that Chris' parents gave me, and the other is the one that matches my bedroom set for her. It says, "Sweet As Hunny."

Stuffed animals  guarding her bed and her clothes hamper. Can you tell that I love Winnie the Pooh?

Her "dresser" which holds her 3-6 months shirts, onesies, and pants. You can see a couple of her bow holders filled with bows, my music notes, and pictures from when my grama came to visit. Atop of her "dresser" is the pillow that Chris' parents gave me (also Winnie the Pooh).
To the right of the dresser is where he walker is stored.

 Another "dresser." Inside this one, we have baskets, and I have labeled them with her rompers, jammies, hats, shoes, socks, and diaper covers. Atop of the dresser is a radio/stereo. At bedtime I turn on lullabies.

Another "dresser." Except this one has her 6-9 months shirts, onesies, and pants. Atop of this dresser are two more small Winnie the Pooh bears. To the right of the dresser is Lyric's toy dresser. The shelves have her toys. And two baskets full of toys. One of the baskets is full of soft toys, and the other basket is full of the harder, louder toys. She has a sack of blocks, a laptop, soft blocks, a colorful ring thingy, an empty container to put her blocks in, and a mirror and projector thing.

The other blanket is covering the look through from the den (which is Lyric's room) to the dining room. Atop of her toy dresser is her headbands, and anything that I don't want Lyric to get a hold of, like things that I would use after bath time.
 She's playing with her light up binky that she got from Busch Gardens when we went there with Kati's family.

Another look at Lyric's bed. Stuffed animals are everywhere!

The changing table. Which has actually turned in to her closet to hang her dresses and sweaters. I think that it works pretty good. On the changing table are her extra diapers, diaper wipes, and baskets of blankets for covering her up and her blankets for her bed, a basket of extra supplies, and things to keep her bed and changing pad clean.
To the right of her changing table is where I store her high chair and her pack and play.

Well, what do you think?

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