Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Want To Know #16


{1} What is your MUST SEE show?
My must see show on Netflix is 16 and Pregnant (If it's there), Teen Mom, and Lost.
My must see show on television is Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, The Secret Life of and American Teenager, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom

{2} What shows are you most excited to watch this season?

Glee, Grey's Anatomy, and Pretty Little Liars

{3} How many hours a week do you actually watch TV?

Probably a little too much.

{4} Do you think TV has gotten too "racy" (vulgar, pushing the limit, etc) ?

I sure do. I watch The Secret Life of an American Teenager. It has gotten bad! It seems like all it is about now is sex, cheating, sex, oh, and did I mention sex! I also believe that there are a lot of shows that have gotten really bad with language as well.

{5} How many TVs do you have in your house?

We have four. A TV in every room, and one stored in the attic area.


  1. I haven't seen any of your shows, but my daughter who is a senior in high school knows 3 girls who deliberately got pregnant in hopes of being cast in that show :O - I am totally against censure, but wow I am glad my girls are older and not tempted by that.

  2. i kind of love Secret Life...and we laugh that every other word is "sex" lol...

    thanks for joining in!!

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