Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Want To Know


{1} What are 3 must haves for a long road trip?
For me, I must have my phone with my music already on my phone or my mp3 player. Although, my mp3 player currently doesn't have my music on it. I need to do that still.
Phone, mp3 player, pillow/blanket.
{2} What was the destination of your most recent road trip?
We all went to Royston, Georgia to escape Hurricane Irene that was supposed to hit our home really hard. But it didn't do any damage to our home.

{3} What do you miss most about home when on a trip?
I miss my bed, my blankets, and my pillows. Its not the same somewhere else that isn't home.

{4} What is the furthest you have traveled on a road trip?
From what I can remember It would either be from Boise, Idaho to California's DisneyLand. My high school band went on tour to California and got to play at DisneyLand. And most recently it would be from Norfolk, Virginia to Royston, Georgia. We left to escape Hurricane Irene.

{5} Will you "stop for the largest ball of twine, etc" or are you a "hurry and get there" road tripper?
I would love to stop and take pictures. But I don't think that right now would be the time to stop and take the pictures. Maybe when Lyric is a little bit bigger and walking we will be able to stop and take pictures. Since, right now she probably doesn't even realize what we are doing.

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