Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She's Growing Up!

OH MY!!!  

Lyric is almost crawling! She can hold her tummy up off of the ground and uses one leg/knee and moves with that leg and knee. But when it comes to having to move the other leg/knee she scoots. So, she almost is there. It is so exciting to watch her. Although, it makes me sad that she is growing up. 

We were playing in her room this evening. I have her room decorated with stuffed animals in places throughout her room. And while we were playing and scooting around on the floor she found the Winnie the Pooh characters that were holding her door open. And was having a ball playing with them. 

Then she found her "dresser" which is actually a bookshelf with baskets on the shelfs with her shoes, socks, hats, ect. in them. And between the spaces (where a basket will not fit) are her books, paper books and the cardboard books. She found the cardboard books and was attempting to get them out of the bookshelf. But when she is on her tummy she couldn't get the book out that she wanted. Then when I do get it out... 
Guess where she goes!? 

Back to the Pooh characters!

That silly girl!!!

She also found the metal flower pot/bucket thingy that I got at my baby shower, that I put all the pacifiers that I had received at my baby showers that she did not care for a bit. Well, she was curious. And she liked them! So I went from two of the soothie pacifiers to a whole lot more pacifiers. And I don't need to worry about keep loosing her pacifiers. 


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