Saturday, June 18, 2011

MilSpouse Fill-In #3

MilSpouse Fill-In #3
MilSpouse Friday Fill-In
  1. Underwear Parties, how old is too old? submitted by Wookie & Co.
    What is an underwear party? I have never heard of such a thing
  2. What was your favorite class in high school? submitted by Adventures of M-Squared
  3. Have you ever convinced packers/movers to pack something they aren’t supposed to for a PCS? submitted by Ground Control to Major Mom
    We didn't have packers/movers when we moved from Idaho to Virginia.
  4. Blogging plays a growing roll in the media. If you were asked to embed as a blogger with a deployed military unit, would you go? What do you think your blog would be like? submitted by To the Nth
    I don't know.
  5. Do you think kids should attend year-round school? submitted by Marrying the Navy
    I did all through elementary school. I think that it depends on the family. 

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