Monday, July 11, 2011

Catching Up...

My Grama's Visit 

While my grama was here last month we went all week non-stop. We went to the zoo! 

We went to the Virginia Boardwalk and my grama, Lyric and myself had our pictures taken at an Old Time photo booth thingy.
We were dressed as Southern Belles. And boy, did Lyric look 
And the way you get into the outfits was amazing! They had the backs cut so all you had to do is slip them on and they tied in the back. Just like a hospital gown. I can't believe it was that easy!

We went to the beach!

We found the MacArthur Center and while we were there we found the three-story mall! Yes, a three story mall! I couldn't believe it! There was a level pretty much for a theater. While we were there we had the best milkshakes!

We also went to Colonial Wiliamsburg. It was a neat place. 

I think that probably about sums up our week that we had. I was sad to see that she had to go, I had fun. Getting lost, wandering new places, and going in many many circles.

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