Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 on Tuesday #8 Halloween

Tell me your 2 favorite Halloween costumes! Did you celebrate Halloween this year?

No, we did not celebrate Halloween this year. I wanted to but it was just too cold out and Lyric wouldn't remember it anyways. Although, I wouldn't have minded trick or treating with her and Chris. But Virginia has laws for trick or treaters. You could only trick or treat from 6:00 to 8:00 and if you were caught trick or treating and over the age of 12 you could get charged with a misdemeanor. I mean really!?! Way to take the fun out of a holiday. Plus it started to rain when we went for a walk. 

My two favorite costumes that I have gone as for Halloween in the past is when I went as Pocahontas, Princess Leah from Star Wars, and a baby. I wish I had pictures of me and those costumes, but they are probably back home somewhere. 

Next year, I hope to find a pumpkin big enough to carve out and be able to put Lyric in it for pictures. I would cut out circles toward the bottom of the pumpkin where her legs would be able to be out of the pumpkin. I wanted to do it this year, but the pumpkins were way over priced. I mean, we would have been able to find a large pumpkin back home for just a few bucks. But not more than 20 dollars.   

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  1. i saw the pumpkin thing done on someone else's blog recently and it was truly the cutest thing in the world!