Friday, November 25, 2011

Lyric's First Birthday

My Baby Girl,

Today, is your very first birthday. And I fall in love with you deeper and deeper each and every day.

I remember so clearly meeting you for the very first time, which was one year ago today. The doctor pulled you out, said that you were a girl and a few short minutes later you were laying on my chest in my arms. You were the most beautiful, precious, little thing that I had ever laid eyes on! You cried and although I wanted to cry, I wouldn't. You cried and I said, "Hi, Lyric." You looked up at me and into my eyes and just looked at me. It was the most wonderful moment of my entire life! And in that moment, I knew that I was your mother and you were my daughter and that you would change my life forever...

And now, a year has passed since that amazing day. And in this incredibly fast paced year, I saw your very first smile, heard your first giggles, and cried when you rolled over for the very first time. I cheered for you when you first tried to crawl and smiled when you finally decided that you wanted to sit up like all the other little girls that were at the photo shoot with you when you just wanted to crawl when they were all sitting. I cheered and I cried when you first stood up on those chubby little legs of yours and tried to take your first wobbly steps. I did all of this because I was and am so proud and amazed at how far you have come this past year.

You came into this world, weighing, 7 pounds and 9 ounces and 20 and a quarter inches long. Such a tiny, little baby. So pink and soft, so innocent and pure, dependent and perfect in every possible way. And now, your a little girl... 21 pounds 6 ounces. You laugh, you talk, you walk. Making everyone smile who is lucky enough to meet you. You are one year old today, but beginning a journey. A journey that will take you in many different directions and will teach you many different things. As I watch you walking ever so cautiously, I think of the woman I hope that you will one day become. I will do anything and everything under the sun to be a good mother to you and help guide you in your journey childhood and into adulthood. 

You have developed into such an amazing little person already. You are the sweetest and most loving child I have ever met. You are kind, gentle-hearted and oh so smart. I know in my heart there are big things ahead of you. You have made this world a better place by being in it and I feel so honored to have been chosen to be your mother. 

You melt my heart every time you smile, and when you lay your head in my lap after playing so hard. Never in my life have I been so excited to wake up... It's because I get to wake up to you. You always wake up in such a great mood and happy and talking. I look forward to when you wake up and seeing your precious, smiling face and am excited for what the day might hold for the two of us.

I know that this last year being at home with you has been the greatest gift that I could ever ask for. This year has been an amazing journey. It has been the most rewarding, incredible, special time in my whole life. I will cherish the experience of your first year of life in a special way, and will treasure it always in my heart. 

Words cannot express how much I love you, my princess, my precious baby girl. You are my sunshine, my heart, my purpose for being - my everything. I'm so very proud of you and honored to be your momma. This last year has been filled with priceless memories and I look forward to so many more to come. 


November 25th, 2011

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  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl! How exciting.. I can't even imagine. =]