Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Happy List #5


24 days until my baby girl isn't a baby anymore. Although, she will always be my baby girl. She will be turning the big 12 months. 1 year old. My where has the last year gone. It just doesn't seem possible that Lyric is going to be a year old. It is too hard to believe. 

29 days until I get to go home! I haven't been home since March. I miss my family, my friends, and home. I am looking forward to spending 16 days with my family, friends, and of course Chris' family, my in-laws. 

Lyric is going to be baptized when me and her go home. I am really looking forward to that. My uncle will be coming home for the weekend to take pictures of the baptism and her birthday party that we are going to have. 

I'll be getting a much needed mocha from Moxie Java with my grama and her friend Nadine. That is one bummer to living on the other side of the country. We don't have any Moxie Javas. But we have StarBucks. And I don't care for StarBucks. I prefer Moxie Java.

I will get to see all my lovies from the nursing home that I worked at up until I had Lyric. After I had her I decided that I was going to be a stay at home momma. And I have loved it so much. But I do miss being able to see my residents from the nursing home. I hope that they are as excited to see me and Lyric as I am going to be excited to see them!

I finally got to use my sewing machine yesterday afternoon/evening. It took forever to figure out what I was doing. But after awhile I finally got the hang of it. I can't wait to start sewing things for our home and for Lyric. 

Has anyone else seen all the different kinds of furniture that you can make with shipping pallets? Well, I am excited that we are going to be making some furniture with shipping pallets. I have found a few crafts that I have fallen in love with and don't think that I could live without making. So, me and Chris are going to be working on furniture soon for our home. We are going to be making a sofa, a coffee table, end tables, book shelves, a desk, a dining room table, and maybe cover a wall. I think that it is all going to look amazing once it is all done.

Oh, and me and Lyric got our flu shots! I am very happy about that. Another perk to having a hubby in the service. We didn't have to pay to get our immunizations!    

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  1. yay for getting to go home and for healthy happy babies!

    thanks for linking up your happy list!!!