Monday, February 3, 2014

Meet Me on Monday 2.3.14

Acting Balanced

1. Happy February! It's Canned Food Month...who knew? Do you can your own foods? Do you eat canned foods?
No, I do not can my own foods. And yes, we do eat canned foods.

2. February 3rd is also the day the music died - Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash in 1959. - what other great musicians would you like to honor today?
Johnny Cash

3. Do you listen to the radio? Internet radio?
Yes, I do listen to the radio, and internet radio.

4. Both Wiarton Willie (Canada) and Puxotawny Phil (US) saw their shadows and predict six more weeks of winter - do you agree?
Sadly, I do agree. I'm ready for spring.

My Question:
5. Did you watch the Superbowl? What did you think?

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