Saturday, February 1, 2014


Oh boy do I have a little piggy on my hands. 

I can't go into the kitchen without Mikey on my heels and wanting something to eat. It seems as though he is constantly eating. But where does it all go? He is a tiny little kid. He must have a really fast metabolism. I'd like his metabolism. :) 

He is a lot like his daddy though. Seems as though they are both constantly eating. 

We went to IHOP for lunch this afternoon and when Chris is full he tilts his head to the side. Well, this afternoon Mikey did something similar to that. He slumped back into his high chair and just sat there like he was in a daze. I wish now that I would have gotten a picture of it. It was too cute!

He even ate half of my meal. He ate all but two bites of my scrambled eggs. Which is okay, because I wasn't going to eat them anyways. I had gotten them for him. And he ate about a third of my hash browns. Boy, did he like them. He even downed his apple juice before our food even got out to us. He is like his big sister on that part. She chugs her juice and then doesn't have anything to drink once her meal gets to her. They both like their drinks. :)

When Mikey is older, I think he is going to be just like daddy. Trying to eat us out of house and home. :) 

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