Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl

We spent the weekend at a friends house. 

We went to IHOP for lunch. Then we headed back to their place and relaxed. Later in the day we prepped our foods for Sunday. Well, Amy prepped her foods. I watched her and helped as much as she would let me. :)

We had... 
*Spinach Dip
*Ranch Dip
*Chips to go with Sloppy Joes and Dogs
*Rolls for the Spinach Dip
Veggie Tray for the Ranch Dip
*Lil' Smokies
*Macaroni Salad
*Hot Dogs
*Beer Brauts
*Sloppy Joes
*Cheese Cake

We had...
*Cherry Vodka
*Diet Coke w/ Lime
*Root Beer
*Juices for the kiddos

We had a lot of food! And it was good food! 

I didn't watch much of the game. I just wasn't into it. I have never really been into football unless I was in the Marching Band and playing/marching.

All I know is that we wanted the Broncos to win. Unless you are my grama and uncle Ted. They were rooting for the Seahawks. 

I spent more time playing with the kiddos and playing on the computer and Kindle.

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