Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sick Kiddos :(


Has this week been a tough week. Michael woke up Monday not feeling well at all. He was all stuffy and congested and just wanted to be held by mommy. He had the sick smell coming off of him, so I gave him a bath. Thinking that maybe it would help. He usually likes his baths. Boy, he did not like it at all. He cried the whole time. :(

Then Tuesday, I woke up not feeling well. I woke up with a stuffy nose and a really sore throat. :( And been fighting a pounder of a headache. I have so much pressure in my head that all I want to do is sleep or cry. And sleeping I can't do because I don't like to sleep while the kids are up. I will only sleep/nap when I know that they are asleep. Just makes me feel better. 

And finally... Wednesday, Lyric woke up with whatever we all are sharing. Except she got the worse of all of us. She had the chills. Was violently shaking. Drank a cup of juice and that was it for the day. She didn't eat much either. :( She then goes to get sick. And I mean sick. She projectile vomited and had a fever of 103.7. :( It broke my heart because there wasn't much that I could do for her. So, I get on the phone with a nurse from the doctor's office. She gave me some tips and tricks to try with her. None of which Lyric will let me try. I do manage to get some Tylenol and later some Motrin into her and she takes a light nap. Waking up to the softest of sounds. But wakes up with almost a normal temperature. :) 

Hopefully by this weekend we can all be feeling well. I don't like it when my kiddos are sick. Because when the kids aren't happy, we aren't happy. 

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