Monday, August 15, 2011

Can't I?


Why can't I?
Why can't I do something...
Something that I want.
Something that I think is going to better my health. 

It's not the "normal" diet that you would expect.

This week, 
This week is going to be a weird week for our diet.
Me and Kati are trying two different kind of diets this week.

Starting tomorrow morning, 
We are going to do the Hollywood Miracle Diet.
We have to fast for 48 hours and drink this drink and a lot of...
You guessed it!

On Thursday and Friday...
We are going to eat three fruits each day.
One fruit for breakfast.
One fruit for lunch.
And again,
One fruit for dinner.

The fruit that we eat for breakfast is a fruit that is high in carbohydrates. 
So for breakfast I can any one of these...
A Banana
A Mango
A Kiwi
A Fig
A Pear
An Orange
A Plum

For lunch I eat a fruit that is high in fiber.
An Orange
A Grapefruit
An Apricot
An Apple
A Fig
A Kiwi
A Mango
A Banana
A Pear

For dinner I eat a fruit that is a citrus fruit.
A Clementine
A Grapefruit
A Kumquat
A Mandarin
A Minneola
An Orange
A Pummelo
A Satsuma
A Sweety
A Tangerine
A Tangelo
A Ugli
Haha! Half of these I have never heard of.

We are only going to do this on Thursday and Friday.
Next week we are only going to eat these fruits for breakfast and lunch.
And for dinner,
We would eat a regular meal with our hubby's.

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