Monday, August 15, 2011

My Ideas...

I've been thinking...
Thinking for awhile.

I am thinking about the next tattoo that I would like to have and where.
I have been debating for a few months now.

Do I want Lyric's foot or hand print on my back, my shoulder blade, or my calf?
Do I want something in remembrance of my Popa who served in the Army and passed away last October?

I have been thinking and looking on-line at military remembrance tattoos
To get an idea...

And I think that I have come to a partial tattoo that I may want.
All I need to do is to design it myself.
Or at least,
Try to design it myself.

I know that I want...
Dog tags with all of his information on them,
Just as you would see it on the dog tags themselves.
That is...
If it is okay with my grama.
And if it is okay, 
Then all I have to do,
Is figure out what else I want to go with it.
And where I am going to have it put.

I don't want it too big, 
Probably just as big or a little bigger/smaller than my on foot.

I think, 
If I can have all of his information on the dog tags, 
Then I will have it put on my shoulder blade,
Where it won't be too noticeable.
I will have it put on my side,
If it is on my side,
No one will really see it. 
No one will see it because I do not wear shirts that come up like that.
Do I wear a bikini.
I don't think that because it has his information on it, 
That it shouldn't be really visible to the general public.

These are some ideas I got.
The images I found while searching on the internet.
Thank you Google Images!

A tattered American flag, 
I would take the memorial and the "Fallen Soldier" part out of the drawing and have his dog tags where the memorial is instead.

a folded American flag, 
I would have it almost like this. 
I would want to make it my own design. 
I would want it to be somewhat like this though. 
It has the folded American flag, and the dog tag.
Just like I have envisioned in my mind.

These are other ideas that I have.
I would choose something like this, 
If my grama would rather me not have my Popa's information in the dog tag like I would like.
This one has the dog tags included in the memorial, like you would normally see.

This one is missing the dog tags, 
That can be added.

**I would also have these downsized**

My final idea...
I would make it more "Mine."
I do like the ribbon.

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