Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We Want To Know #12


{1} Did you live in the same town or move around a lot as a child? I was born in Pocatello, Idaho. We moved around a lot. But usually within the same town/city.
{2} What were your parents like? My mom worked long hours. She would go to work early in the morning, travel to Boise, she worked as a nurse, normally worked 16 hours a day. My mom was loving, and caring, and supportive about everything. I miss her everyday.
{3} Do you have any siblings? What were they like growing up? 5. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Although, I had one brother pass away as an infant. I wonder all the time what it would be like if he were still around. My brothers and sisters and I fought almost all the time. But what family doesn't. {4} Share a short story from your childhood. Most of my short stories involve my grandparents. I was always at their house. I spend almost every weekend there. The memories that I remember most is playing my Popa's instruments, and dancing in the living room to the tape player. I would stand on his feet, and he would do the dancing part. I also remember flying airplanes and him teaching me how to ride a bicycle. I miss him so much!
{5} What did you look like? (share a childhood pic for a chance to win a prize)
I think that I looked pretty cute! 


  1. Pocatello, ID?!?!?! I was born and raised there too! Small world! I graduated HHS in '99. What about you?

  2. You were totally adorable!!
    I'm really glad to see so many people say they fought with their siblings growing up; there was a big age spread with us so we didn't fight much but my kids fight like cats & dogs! So I'm glad they're normal. LOL