Monday, January 20, 2014

30 Days of Me Challenge (Day 20)

Day 20: Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

I have four.

1. Me and my sisters used to spend every weekend with our grandparents. They would pick us up either after school on Friday or sometime in that afternoon or early evening. And then we would head to their house and spend the weekend with them. Most weekends we would stay with them until Monday morning as our Grama was a Foster Grandparent and volunteered in our classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and some Fridays. So we would ride with her to school. And we would almost always go by a Moxie Java and get a hot mocha. I always enjoyed having my Grama help in my classes. I had her in all of my classes from First Grade all the way up until Sixth Grade. After I left Elementary School my Grama retired from the program.

2. I go back and think about this memory quite a bit. Especially when I am thinking about my Popa. He was a Shriner and was also involved in the Shrine Band. He had a Trumpet and a Tuba that he would let us kids try and play when we were over at their house. We may have never actually "played" the instrument I remember having so much fun. Another memory I have personally with my Popa is dancing with him. I was little and I would stand on his feet holding his hands and we would dance around the family room listening to music. 

3. Playing hide and seek with our Uncle Ted. It didn't matter where we hid he found us every time. Even when we thought that we had some of the best hiding places in the house. I remember hiding in the broom closet and the clothes hamper. Although, you needed a little bit of help to hid in the clothes hamper. I also remember hiding out in the garage in my Popa's computer room. When our Uncle found us he almost always scared us. Was just part of the game. Another memory I have with my Uncle Ted is doing his hair and playing Doctor with him. He had a few ace bandages that he would let us play with and we would wrap his arms and hands as if they were broken. 

4. My Uncle John took me on my first ski trip to Bogus Basin when I was nine years old I believe. I took the ski class and then me and him would go and ski for the rest of the afternoon. He also took me on my first night skiing trip. He is the one that got me into skiing. And it is something that I looked forward to every Thanksgiving and winter season. And then he moved to Washington... :(

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