Monday, January 20, 2014

Meet Me on Monday 1.20.14

Acting Balanced

1. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day from the US! Do you have a favorite MLK quote?
Hmm... The only quote that comes right to mind is, "I have a dream..."

2. Wayne told Heather to get the questions up early because we'd be exhausted from our trip... she didn't listen to his good advice, so MQAM is late - when was the last time you didn't listen to good advice?
Probably relaxing while the kids are napping. Instead I clean or do other things.

3. Since we talked about Movies last week, lets talk TV this week - what show or shows do you wish was still on TV that ended or was cancelled?
Kyle XY
CSI: Miami

4. What is your personal anthem or theme song?
I don't think that I really have one. At least I can't think of one at the moment.

My question for you...
5. What is something that you dream of?

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