Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Day!

We had a snow storm night before last. They were saying that we were going to get anywhere between one to three inches of snow. Well, when the snow started coming down it wasn't sticking to the ground. So, I had my doubts. I didn't think that we were going to wake up and have any snow. :(

Well, I was wrong...

We ended up getting about three inches of snow. :)

It was Lyric's second time out in the snow and Michael's first time.

Lyric is making foot tracks in the snow. :)

I don't know about this 'white stuff' yet.
Whatever it is, it is cold. 

Both of my babies standing by each other, wondering what to do. 

We only lasted about ten minutes the first time we went outside. Lyric decided that she didn't want to keep her gloves on and wanted to play in the snow bare handed. She would not keep the gloves on for nothing. Well, she fell in the snow and made a snowball all bare handed. Then got hysterical because her hands and fingers were frozen. She is a lot like her daddy on that part. He hates when his hands and fingers are cold, he gets cranky too. :) 

Then, when Mikey took his nap, me and Lyric went out and built ourselves a snowman. :) It was our first snowman that we built together. The only thing that could have made the experience better was having Chris there to help us. 

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