Friday, January 10, 2014

Doll Stroller

This evening the kiddos were playing. I put Mikey in Lyric's doll stroller and she pushed him around the house.

He was LOVING it! There were a few times that he slid out of the stroller and onto the floor. He got right back up and tried to climb into the seat himself. 

And then, they were off again!

I can't get enough of this boy's smile!

Just look at my kiddos! I have one playing dress up. Ever since Lyric's birthday (she got a dress up trunk and some tiaras.) Ever since, she's been putting them on her brother more than herself. What can I say? Like mother, like daughter. Me and my sisters did the very same thing with my our brother. 
He's also sporting his slippers that Great Grandma Hipp for Christmas.

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