Thursday, January 2, 2014

Growing Up

My babies are growing up! And too fast might I add!

We upgraded Lyric's car seat this afternoon to the boosters with the back support. We found that her car seat has a recall on it and instead of getting another great big and bulky car seat we went and looked for the next stage of car seats for her. And well, we found one. And she likes it. 

And we got Michael a new car seat as well, as he has the same brand car seat as Lyric. It's not as bulky as our last ones and looks more comfortable than the one he has now I think. 

I have come to the conclusion. Actually, I came to the conclusion months ago that babies don't stay babies for very long. I wish that they could slow down on their growing up. But I know that isn't possible. You can only enjoy them the short while they are itty bitty.

It makes me teary eyed just thinking about my kiddos growing up. I wish that I could slow down time and keep them little for a while longer.

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