Friday, January 3, 2014

30 Days of Me Challenge (Day 3)

Day 3: What is the greatest amount of physical pain you have ever endured?

I think the greatest amount of physical pain that I have ever endured is my child birth experience with my first one, Lyric. I attempted to go all natural and almost made it all the way. I was experiencing contractions for about a day and a half before my midwife said that I was good to come in and have Lyric. She kept telling me that my contractions were not close enough together nor were they strong enough. Although, I thought that they were strong and close, but not enough to their liking. :(

I finally went into the birthing center and worked on having Lyric. I was coming along pretty good I think. Yes, I was in a whole lot of pain. I really wanted to have a water birth. It was coming along and then I got to nine centimeters. And that's as far as I could dilate. We tried everything for what seemed like forever. Almost twenty four hours into my labor at the birth center, I decided that it was time to transfer to the hospital right down the road. I could not handle the pain anymore. I needed the pain medicine that the birth center did not have. We transferred to the hospital and I got the epidural. They let me rest for about an hour and then they came and checked on me and I was dilated to ten centimeters. And so came the pushing... I think that I pushed for a half hour, forty five minutes tops and I finally had my baby girl here in the world. She was born on Thanksgiving day. She is my little turkey baby.

From the start of my consistent contractions a day and a half before going to the birth center up until the time Lyric was born I was in labor for one hundred and one hours. And I wouldn't change anything about my birthing experience with her. Although, I can say that I am blessed that I transferred to the hospital because they were able to notice things that we probably wouldn't have noticed if I had stayed at the birthing center. We were able to react and act faster than we would have elsewhere. 

The only thing that could have made the experience better was to have my hubby there beside my side. He was away in California at MCT for the Marine Corps. But he was home with us about fifteen days later when he graduated from there. He was home with us for about fourteen days then had to go to North Carolina for MOS school. It was nice to have him home for a little while after our little girl was born. :)

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