Tuesday, January 7, 2014

30 Days of Me Challenge (Day 7)

Day 7: What is your dream job, and why?

If you would have asked me this same question about six or seven years ago my answer would have been something in the medical field. I probably would have said a nurse. But when registering for my High School classes I chose Child Development as my election for two out of three years. And then my Junior Year I chose Elementary Teacher Intern and I interned in my youngest brothers first grade, and I fell in love! That is when I decided that I wanted to become a teacher in any of the younger grades. Preferably Pre-Kindergarten through first or second grade. Once we got settled in in Virginia I started my online studies for my Early Childhood Education degree. But after I had Michael, I took a break so that I could focus on him. But now that he is a year old, I have decided that it is time that I start my studies back up. And get that much closer to getting my degree. 

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